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Disabled writer considers physical limitations personal challenges. 

Challenge is the name of the game since I emerged from four months of physical therapy healing multiple injuries from an auto accident. 

·         It's a challenge to find your niche in the whirlwind of life that doesn't slow down to accommodate anyone.  There were times when I felt like little more than the sum of my injuries when dealing with insurance companies and Social Security Disability.  Neediness was way out of my comfort zone.  My dearest friend set me straight, reminding me of kindnesses I'd shown people in the past, and then asked, "Terri, if the situation was reversed, would you help me?"  I nodded. And I reminded myself I could still give through my writing. 

·         It's a challenge to find new ways to do things your body isn't capable of any longer. Be creative!  I found a medical recliner when lying flat or propped in my bed became impossible.  I basically live in it.  I had difficulty finding an affordable cushion for beneath my ankle.  Foam was too firm, pillows were too thick.  I finally found that a folded, crocheted baby blanket worked best.  Sometimes you just have to wing it.  

·         It's a challenge to find joy in difficult circumstances. I didn't see my grandchildren face to face for over two years, but Skype saved me!  My 18-month-old grandson used to hug the computer monitor because he thought I was inside it.  "Hug Nana!" His sister used to laugh at "Upside-Down Nana" when I flipped the camera over.  Their laughing faces gave me gave me joy daily.  

·         It's a challenge to stay fit. Walking was my exercise of choice until my accident.  So here I am winging it again.  I concentrate on seated exercises right in my medical recliner with my window open to bring outdoors inside. 

·         It's a challenge to change dietary habits according to your disability.  Being sedentary, I found it was either cut back on portions or register parts of my body for their own zip codes. I cut back on carbohydrates and stopped nodding off in the early evening, even though I rise at four a.m. to write. 

·         It's a challenge to stay emotionally healthy; overcome stress.   One word: Meditation.  I do breath meditation daily, and when frustration builds, I do Osho's Dynamic Meditation to release negative energy.  I modify the moves to fit my physical limitations.  

·         It's a challenge to stay positive.  Look at what you can do, not what you can't.  Every time you pass a hurdle, celebrate!    

·         It's a challenge to remember that everything happens for a reason.  I have moved out of the computer and in with my son and his family and get real hugs now.  I have time to publish my online dark fiction magazine, Owl's Eye View, as well as articles like this one for Yahoo. 

And there is much more to come!  I just keep asking 'okay, Ter, what's the next challenge?' 



Breathing meditation written instructions: 

Osho's Dynamic Meditation

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